Greencroft (UK): mod. GAI 13005A/60-42909M “ROOF”


Gai receives orders from everywhere, by companies entrusting us the project and the production of personalized monoblocs, suitable to their own needs.


Among these customers, we would allow a special mention to Greencroft Bottling Company Ltd., of Durham, in England, a company specialized in bottling very high volumes. After the machines we supplied in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012, Greencroft chose us again for a new order, the special model 13005A/60-42909M "ROOF" composed of:

  1. 2 phases rinsing-blowing machine at 40 places
  2. rn
  3. 9 heads rotative deaeration station
  4. rn
  5. 60 spouts filler with annular tank
  6. rn
  7. 9 heads rotative gas injection
  8. rn
  9. 9 heads rotative capper
  10. rn
  11. universal adjustable screws
  12. rn

The machine output is of 12.500 litres/hour, the speed is adjustable up to 15.000 bottles/hour.


This new model is equipped with the new inclined and self-cleaning"ROOF" chassis.


We would thank Greencroft company once again, for its collaboration, professionalism and great trust placed in GAI. GAI has found in Greencroft a world-level reference, and these two companies have reached by now a perfect complicity from both technical-commercial and human point of view. We really hope this can go on.