The Committee Innovation Challenge "Lucio Mastroberardino" of SIMEI@drinktec 2017 has assigned the "Technological Innovation Award" for the DEFECTIVE BOTTLE DETECTING MACHINE GAI mod. 45012. 

A very special price for us as this time GAI has come up with a new and innovative product, aiming to make the bottling process faster, more continuous and safer, significantly reducing the problem of defective bottles breakages, causing inevitable stoppages and reductions in production.  

We are convinced that this product will meet the interest of the most forward-looking operators.   

Simei@Drinktec is for us the best showcase to present this new machine.  

We thank the Committee for having understood the scope of innovation of our new product. This award is the confirmation that the technological research, our philosophy since 1946, is the road we have always to follow.