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The product

Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. boasts the design of the so called "monobloc", a "compact" machine that includes different functions of the production process, managed by electrical softwares that automated the users work.
Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. provides two kinds of machines:
- FILLING: monoblocs for rinsing, bottling and bottle closure.
- LABELLING: for the bottle packaging, labelling and everything that deals with the bottle after its closure.
Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. is proud of stating that it is able to provide its customers with a complete "turnkey" bottling line.
Regarding the production speed, Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. machines is divided into two areas: - Up to 3.000 bottles/ hour,
- from 4.000 to 8.000 bottles/hour,
- from 8.000 to 15.000 bottles/hour.
In 2013 a brand new electropneumatic spout was designed that has changed once again the bottling approach.
- It is the electropneumatic valve named "UNICA", patented with n TO2012A000869
The electropneumatic valve, suitable to bottle both still and sparkling beverages, allowed Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. to enter the market of beer and sparkling wines.
In 2015 this valve was adjusted to a new machine model:
- The Electropneumatic Linear Monobloc (MLE), designed for customers interested in producing small lots (the machine produces up to 2.000 bottles/hour) hence not big productions, implying a contained economical investment. The sales results were really good thanks to the flexibility of use allowed.
Every year Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a produces about 1.000 monoblocs delivered all over the world.


GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici

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