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Energy and heating self-sufficiency

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Internal non-polluting sources entirely supply the company's energy and heating needs. Energy comes from a combination of photovoltaic and solar power plant, with 14,000 mē panels on the plant roof tops, and two natural gas generators able to operate at very different power levels, thus working in the most efficient way. We generate only the energy that we need and, when necessary, we work hand in hand with our own production and the public service. Photovoltaic panels are our primary source. Although their power is not polluting, it is not continuous, so they work together with other energy sources. All the generated heat is not wasted but instead used for heating or cooling, or stored to be used in other ways. We have developed a software checking the whole energy production process, always ensuring the right safety margins but avoiding any waste. The traditional highly polluting uninterrupted power supplies, which are a major cause of waste, have now been replaced by a purely mechanical unit that modernly goes back to the ancient principle of the flywheel in an innovative way. With our system we hope to reduce CO2 production by around 1,200 tons/year.


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