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(OPTIONAL) This device temporarily removes condensation (1) (optional) in order to allow the direct labeling of bottles, which have condensation on their surface. This process occurs without altering the temperature of the contents inside the bottle.

The system improves the overall performance even when there is no condensation. The air blower is located very close to the bottle, and its effect has short duration. Thus Heated air therefore only warms the exterior glass surface of the bottle. Then bottles are packed into cartons, the sealed cartons insulate the bottles from surrounding conditions thus preventing the reappearance of condensation.

This system consists of heating elements (1) that heats the air. The temperature is adjusted by means of a display located on the control panel and controlled by a temperature probe (2).The cork (closure) is exposed to the hot air for a very short period only and the temperature of the contents remains virtually unaffected.

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