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The rotary labellers are made with carousel diameters of 432, 540,720, and 960 mm. The choice of carousel diameter is depending on the number of labelling stations required and on the production output required by the customer. The bottle platform rotations is managed either using mechanical cam or an electrical control system. The mechanical cam system utilized is very versatile, and all platforms are manufactured such that a bottom of bottle search unit can be incorporated. Special shaped bottles can also be accommodated. The mechanical cam can be specially designed depending on customer specifications and labels utilized.

Starting from the model 7540, this machine can be equipped with automatic set of stars, self-adjustable to the diameter of cylindrical bottles. A turret with electrical plates offers greater flexibility, especially when bottle orientation is required on a already encapsulated bottle with a crest or mark on the capsule. If transparent or long labels are used this is also the preferred option.

The "electronic cam" is a microchip on the control board independently driving (via a CAN-BUS standard) each stepper motor. This software has been completely conceived and developed by our technicians in GAI. It is possible to preset the movement start point, the direction and the time, as also the speed of the movement. This combination enables the operator to perfectly accommodate different labelling variants. The result is a very flexible labelling machine.

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