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Good quality sleeking of tin or polylaminate capsules depends on thefollowing conditions: - capsules and bottles of good quality - fitting with minimal clearance between capsule and bottle - a good spinner with an adequate number of heads;

With 4 heads the maximum output is 2000 bottles/hour, with 6 heads itis 4000 bottles/hours, with 8 heads it is 6000 bottles/hour and with 12 itis 10000 bottles/hour.
THE STRONG FEATURES of our spinners are the following:
Extra hard ROLLERS (highly wear-resistant), with bushing made ofspecial self-lubricating material.
Stainless steel roller RODS, with ground, rolled and hardened pin.
Stainless steel ROD-HOLDER SPINDLE, made en bloc.
Large-sized CAPSULE-PUSHERS with a hexagonal section.
The stainless steel BOTTLE-RAISING PISTONS follow a cam with a slow upstroke and faster downstroke.
The spindle ROTATION SPEED is adjustable from 1000 to 2000 rpm using an inverterfor .
The direction of rotation of the spindles can be clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the directionin which the polylaminate capsules are to be fitted. A mechanical pre-spinner is available as an optional, with teflon pinsthat run inside a stainless steel casing.

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